For more than 52 years the Key-Mat brand of bag coders has been a leader in the seed and feed industry. Chances are that if you have been working in this industry you have used a Key-Mat brand seed or feed bag coder. Today, the Key-Mat brand consists of fast and reliable thermal InkJet bag coders that integrates with powerful software designed to run your entire seed or feed production facility. This integrated solution is unsurpassed in the Industry.

The Key-Mat Brand Seed Counters have been out in the field working every day for customers for over 43 years! We have made and supported these quality seed counters for thousands of customers worldwide and have done our best to enhance every model we've created. Our Key-Mat Brand Seed Counters are made in the United States and are made to last. If you have questions, please feel free to call us toll-free 844-588-4585.

Key-Mat Commercial Ink Rollers are quality built and will provide you with sustainable markings on your bagged products. We provide ink rollers packaged in quantities of two rollers.Our ink rollers come 2 rollers to a package.

We stock Rib Type letters, kits, wheel materials and all kinds of supplies for rubber type letters. Rib Type letters are designed for marking systems and have been used in Key-Mat Brand products for years.

We are happy to provide you with a listing of all of the supplies which support Key-Mat products. You can call us or contact a dealers in your area. If you are looking for parts, you can purchase from our exploded view ordering system. Simply select the module needed.

As part of our overall Seed and Feed Bagging Solution we proudly offer many stock and customized bagging labels. We help our customers with design, production, warehousing, and shipment of seed and feed bag labels to locations anyplace in the world. Many of our labels are designed to work with Datamaxx -O'Neil Label Printers used by many of our customers to print Seed Bag Labels of all types and sizes. We are committed to producing exceptional labels. We look forward to creating a dynamic labeling solution for you today.

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