Bag Coder Control Panel Software

The Key-Mat InkJet Bag Coders are supported by a powerful control panel software that can automatically interface with your Seed or Feed Production business software.  The Bag Coder Control Panel Software is the software that works between your business software and the powerful Key-Mat Bag Coders, allowing data to flow right from your sofware right to your Key-Mat Brand Bag Coders!  This integrated solution allows you to automate work flow and eliminate errors that can cost you thousands of dollars.

The Key-Mat Bag Coder Control Panel Software easily integrates with most databases systems.  This allows you to pull information such as work order number, lot numbers, product information, etc. directly into the control panel and then you can print codes right onto your bags!  The control panel runs through your computer's browser, uses touch screen technology, can handle multiple bag code design templates and makes bagging products much easier.  

The Key-Mat Control Panel allows production line staff simply push "Print" to start placing codes directly onto your bags.  The control panel offers Seed and Animal Feed Producers the following benfits:


  • Business Software Integration:  The control panel easily integrates with most databases and can import information out of your business software directly into the control panel.  Data is then trandserred directly through the control panel onto your seed or animal feed bags.  
  • Better Accuracy of Data:  Having automated data flow eliminates human error and increases tracability through your facility. 
  • Simple To Use:  The control panel uses a secure browser-based application that can be accessed through your WiFi.  You can simply click on the work order or job, push "Print" and the next bag through the Key-Mat coders displays detailed information about that job!  Your Production Line Staff just has to touch the screen to code detailed information on your bags!
  • Easily Expand Bagging Operations to Multiple Locations or Remote Control Your Key-Mat Coder:  The Key-Mat Control Panel is capable of controlling multiple Key-Mat Bag Coders and multiple locations in one system.  Your remote or contract bagger can easily log into the Key-Mat control panel to access production information anyplace in the world.
  • Remote Support:  We can support your Key-Mat Bag Coder anyplace in the world using the control panel software!  This ensures support is just a phone call away and virtually eliminates downtime on your production line.   


The Key-Mat control panel is a valuable tool in your seed or animal feed production facility and can easily integrate with your business software. If your interested in knowing more about this solution, please contact us for a demonstration!

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