Seed Counters

The Key-Mat Brand Seed Counters have been out in the field working every day for customers for over 43 years! We have made and supported these quality seed counters for thousands of customers worldwide and have done our best to enhance every model we've created. Our Key-Mat Brand Seed Counters are made in the United States and are made to last. If you have questions, please feel free to call us toll-free 844-588-4585.

Key-Mat Model 948 Seed Counter

The Model 948 Seed Counter is a research grade seed counter that is used for counting seeds and other small items when a great degree of accuracy is needed. This high performance seed counter provides efficient, accurate and reliable seed counting using a photo optic sensor. The Model 948 is being used by seed companies, universities and agriculture research organizations throughout the world.


The Key-Mat Brand Seed Counters have gone through many models and variations but is one of the oldest and most reliable research grade seed counter in the world!
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