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The Key-Mat brand of specialty printers and coders has reliably been around since 1971 so it is only natural with that much experience that we would become the leader in the specialty printer and coder industry. If you need something commercially printed or coded, we pledge to come up with a solution for you.

Today, we still make the original mechanical Key-Mat printers and coders.  Including the production line Model 203M, the full bag Model 402 and the table based top bag coder Model 100S.  These machines have become the work horse of the industry and have reliably served Customers for almost 43 years!.  We also stock all parts and supplies for these devices allowing you to keep your Key-Mat products continuously operating in your production environment.

The Key-Mat line has expanded into Ink Jet Technology along our traditional product lines.  This includes the production line Model 203I, the full bag Model 402 and the table based top bag coder Model 100I. Our goal is to provide an upgrade path for each of our existing 3,600 Customers around the world that use our products every day.  Each high resolution Ink Jet based printer and coder we make is designed to automatically accept and push information back into our ERP Software.  This approach allows smaller production companies to compete at an extremely high level!

As an Industry first, we have also developed the "Key-Mat Solution" which includes a comprehensive system for automating your production facility including:  Centralized Production ERP Software, Cloud Based Infrastructure, Smart Key-Mat Bag Printing Coding Equipment and an Interactive Website for your Customers.  More Information.

Our Supply Division provides everything you need to keep your production line running 24 X 7 X 365.  Our prices are the best in the Industry and our commitment to quality is unparalleled.  For a complete list of brands, categories and supply details please click here.

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